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Sumo Spins

All the necessary rituals have been completed, and the sumo tournament can officially start. Filled with anticipation, the audience has an opportunity to witness this amazing competition with 3 great wrestlers in the Sumo Spins video slot. Without the doubt, all the expectations will be fulfilled in this unbelievable Red Tiger Gaming release with 40 win lines. With the best seats in the house, we’ll have a chance to see a lot of incredible moves on 5 reels, presented in this game. So, without further delay, get comfortable and enjoy this amazing sport, brought to you from Japan.

Who's Gonna Stay Inside the Ring?

The ring, made of clay mixed with sand, has been swept, and the power water bucket is in place. Purifying with salts has been done, and all that's left is for the participants to make their appearance. If they don’t, they will lose, according to the game rules.

In the Sumo video slot, 3 competitors are presented, and they will deliver just a few different rules to this game. Even though the sumo regulations mean keeping your other parts of the body except for the feet from the ground, in this game, there will be some rolling in the ring, and it will come very useful.

Sumo wrestlers, dressed in a traditional loincloth (mawashi), will need to fight to stay in the ring (dohyō), and the last one standing will be the winner. In this game, as already said, we have three of them. The first one has a red mawashi, the second is dressed in blue, and the third likes his mawashi with more colors – black, white, and green.

In order to be better wrestlers, sometimes it’s of great importance to gain more weight. Therefore, they have a special meal regiment with sumo meal called chankonabe. Made of fish, meat, and vegetables, with a little bear afterword, and a much-needed nap, it will help them in their chosen fields.

Comprised of wonderful fighting scenes, astounding animations, and sounds, evoking the Far East, you’ll find this Sumo experience quite authentic. And with a few extra elements to it all, this game becomes even more exciting.

The Sumo Spins slot is brought to life in various colors. The dohyō is made in sand colors, and it’s resting on the purple background. The reels are put inside of the red frame with symbols, painted in many different tones. Above we can see Japanese flags with the sun and the moon.

Symbols appearing on the reels include clubs, diamonds, hearts, spades, sumo food, the power water bucket, salts, and a few more. Inside the Sumo Showdown, wrestlers will fight to become Wild.

Sumo Spins

The Showdown About to Start

When the sumo match begins, a few thrilling features will be uncovered. Throughout the game, the 3 wrestlers will treat us with their presence, and produce many possibilities to win. The Red Rikishi (sumo wrestler) nudges reels to win big, while the Blue Rikishi rolls on the reels and transforms all the symbols into the same ones, forming win lines. The Green Rikishi on the reels provides with the Respin.

If more than one wrestler lands on the reels, the Sumo Showdown will begin. When that happens, you will need to choose your fighter. The two will fight, and for each round your fighter wins, he will become the Wild symbol for the spin after the round, and so on, until all the rounds are finished.

Choose Your Own Rikishi

Summarizing all, the Sumo Spins video slot offers everything in the authentic spirit of this quite interesting sport. It has incredible animations, sounds, and pretty alluring features. During the base game, and inside the Sumo Showdown, you’ll be hooked when it comes to these exciting wrestlers. Every time they show up, they will completely glue your attention to this game, even if you're not a fan of the sport.


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