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Scruffy Duck

One cute-looking duck is destined to drag around a pond just because he's different. Even if he is a bit scruffy, that doesn't mean he should be treated differently than his siblings. And if you'd like to end his misery and speed up the process of transformation into a swan, then play the Scruffy Duck video slot, powered by NetEnt. With 5 reels, and 25 pay lines, this fairytale-based game brings the excitement, and it'll charm you completely. Featuring a cartoon layout with a bit more humorous side, the Scruffy Duck is on a different level entirely. Considering all, give this fake duckling a chance, and let him prove himself worthy of your time.

Scruffy Duck

Scruffy Duck Sets out on Adventure

In the middle of the green, a pond lies and in it, 5 ducks, leading their lives. As the rule, there are always favourites and the least favourite in each family. Unfortunately, the Scruffy Duck is the second, ignored and cast aside by others. Wearing glasses doesn't help either. So, he goes around the pond with a happy, but the goofy expression on his face, seeking out an equally friendly face but never finding one.

With just a little luck, this great guy will be stuck on your win lines, and transform into a beautiful swan. He'll join other swans, and forget all the teasing because of his looks by his 2 not so smart brothers, and even his busy parents. His mom, buying presents for his siblings, leaving him behind, and his father always talking on the phone, never spending time with him, will be completely surprised when the transformation happens.

This transformation into the swan is actually a Wild Expanding, and it looks really great on these reels set on the pond, painted in blue with water lilies on the surface. As other symbols,  appears the rest of the duck gang. There is a mom, holding a present with glasses on her eyes, dad talking on his phone, and his 2 not so bright brothers, both wearing ridiculous hats.

Also, there are letters in red, green, yellow and blue, peeking out of cracked eggs. As a special symbol, occasionally landing, there is a Free Spins symbol, made in red.

In the back of the reels, a fly is buzzing from one side to another of the reels. Besides the fly, all the while, you'll have an opportunity to enjoy an easy-going rhythm.

Scruffy Duck

Who's Scruffy Now?

The game offers a few compelling features, designed to fit the theme completely, especially the Expanding Wild. When the Wildcard lands on reels and forms a winning combo, the duck will have a sudden growth spurt and as a swan occupy the whole reel.

With 3 Free Spins symbols on the reels 3, 4, and 5, the Free Spins feature sets in motion. Before the spins start, you'll have to choose one of the 5 duck, and just like that, it'll be decided what kind of feature will be yours out of possible 5.

Multiplier feature brings 15 free spins with a x3 multiplier while Symbol removal awards with 12 free spins. Colossal Wild entails 10 free spins and a Wild occupying 2×2 or 3×3 symbol net. Another opportunity to contribute to your balance comes as the Random Wild feature with 8 free spins and Wilds scattered everywhere on the reels after each spin. At last, but not the least, there is a Double Feature, rewarding 6 free spins.

Swan on the Outside, Scruffy on the Inside

Even though we have the swan, it's the same happy guy it was before, always ready to make friends, and finally, he has. And if you'd like to support him, then play the Scruffy video slot, and be genuinely surprised how awesome the game is. Filled with the amazing features, and made with humour, the slot delivers so much. Admittedly, this fairytale-based game with the cartoon alike reels will have a much faster happy ending.


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