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Muerto en Mictlán Slot Overview

Muerto en Mictlán is a new casino slot from Play’n GO where we take part in the day of the dead. In Aztec mythology, it was the underworld Mictlán that most people came to when they died, a place where many Aztecs dedicated their lives to ending up in. This time we get a guided tour from Catrina and Catrin, where we get to experience this famous and fascinating place. Despite the darkness that death emits, the Aztecs choose to see this as a colorful event where gratitude is shown by honoring the dead. The colors used symbolize different things, where among other things the yellow color symbolizes unity and the sun, while the red color symbolizes blood and life. Let's dive into this slot and find out what we can expect to see during the spins.

Muerto en Mictlán
Base game

Muerto en Mictlán is a video slot from Play’n GO that has 5 reels, 3 rows and 10 paylines. You can choose between making a of 0.10 and a of 100. It is an RTP of 96.20% by default, where this can vary with different game operators. It is a high volatility (7/10), where the lucky player can win up to 10000X the bet.

In this different gaming adventure among the deads, we can with the help of the guidance from Catrina and Catrin as well as the various features manage to scoop up big wins. The features are Mictlán Free Spins, Wild and Multiplier.

Muerto en Mictlán Slot Information

The game's design consists of a day of the dead theme, where we visit the place Mictlán, which the dead end up in when they die. In the background of the reels, you can see a floral and colorful street. It is a very detailed environment where the background is skillfully created with lovely color choices and small details. This also accompanies the reels, where you can see very beautiful symbols within this day of the dead theme. You can play this slot on all the device’s mobiles, desktops and notepads. You create a winning combination by landing 3 or more of the same symbol types on adjacent reels starting at the far left.

The lower paying symbols consist of the suit’s clubs, diamonds, hearts and spades. If you land 5 of the same symbol types, it gives between 1.5X to 5X the bet. The medium paying symbols consist of a hat and a rose. If you land 5 of the rose symbols, it gives 7.5X the bet. The highest paying symbols are a face-painted woman and a man. If you land 5 of the same symbol types, it gives between 20X to 25X the bet. The game's wild symbol consists of a skull, where it can be within different wild features with different paintings. If you land 5 wild symbols, it gives 30X the bet and the game's scatter symbol consist of a purple circle. Let's find out what the features do.

Muerto en Mictlán Slot Features

What is the max win in the slot Muerto en Mictlán?

You can win up to 10000X the bet.

What features are there in the slot Muerto en Mictlán?

The features are Mictlán Free Spins, Wild and Multiplier.

Muerto en Mictlán
Mictlán Free Spins feature

Mictlán Free Spins

The game's scatter symbol can land on top of other symbols during the spins. You can only land 1 scatter symbol per reel and a total of 5 per spin. When you land 3 or more scatter symbols, the Mictlán Free Spins feature is activated, and you are then welcomed with 5 free spins at level 1. During these spins, it will be possible to land more scatter symbols that are collected and by collecting the right amounts, different levels to be unlocked.

Level 1 = You unlock this level by activating the feature.

Level 2 = By collecting 5 scatter symbols you unlock this level. You get 5 extra free spins.

Level 3 = By collecting 6 scatter symbols, you unlock this level, with a total of 11 scatter symbols. You get 5 extra free spins.

Level 4 = By collecting 7 scatter symbols, you unlock this level, with a total of 18 scatter symbols. You get 5 extra free spins.

Once you have reached level 4, no more scatter symbols can land. When you enter the first three levels, you will have to choose between different wild features options.


There are 4 different wild features to choose from within the Mictlán Free Spins feature. Before each new level you will have to choose a new wild feature and you cannot choose the same feature 2 times. The various features are Expanding Wilds, Sticky Wilds, Walking Wilds and Exploding Wilds, where they help to create more winning combinations by substituting for other symbols.

Expanding Wilds = When the Expanding Wilds land on the reels, they will expand to cover the entire reels on which they landed.

Sticky Wilds = When these lands, they will stay in their positions during the remaining spins within the current level you are at.

Walking Wilds = When these lands, they will remain on the reels and with each new spin made, the symbol will move one step to the left. Where it stays until it has stepped off the first reel.

Exploding Wilds = When this lands it will blow up to 2X2 on the reels.


When you spin the reels in both the base and bonus game, you can randomly activate a multiplier that is applied to any winnings created. In the base game, it can be a multiplier of either 1X, 2X or 4X. In the bonus game, the multiplier will vary in size depending on what level you are at. The following can be displayed at the different levels:

Level 1 = You can land a multiplier of either 1X, 2X or 4X.

Level 2 = You can land a multiplier of either 2X, 4X or 6X.

Level 3 = You can land a multiplier of either 3X, 6X or 10X.

Level 4 = You can land a multiplier of either 4X, 10X or 30X.

Muerto en Mictlán Slot Conclusion

It is truly an exciting atmosphere in which this slot takes place, where we are guided through Mictlán. You are immediately met by a very sharp and professional design, where the background as well as the game's reels have received extra love and time. It is a lovely mix of different colors that you get to partake of, where in combination with a suitable music creates a great attraction to the spin button. The spins that are made within the base game offer an entertaining moment right away, where you can take part in random multipliers of between 1X to 4X during the spins. This can increase significantly within the bonus game, where its different levels determine which size that can be randomized.

When you succeed in activating the Mictlán Free Spins, you are welcomed with 5 free spins. There are 4 different levels that you can take part in, where you by collecting different amounts of scatter symbols, then unlock different levels. Within these, as mentioned, different large multipliers can land randomly, but what makes this whole bonus feature very special is its different wild features. Before each level you reach, you will be able to choose a wild feature that you want to apply during its spins. The selected wild feature then can’t be used again, which results in you having to experiment which order and combination you think is the best. All have different fantastic properties such as expanding and sticky, but no one follows to the next level which you hopefully unlock.

The game's theme and features are a bit reminiscent of what we previously saw in Wild Luchador, where the wilds had a big impact on how big the total wins would be. Like most games from this game provider, you can spin for a long time before the bonus game is activated. But these slightly tough base game spins, make it even more festive once you manage to activate the bonus that can give up to 10000X the bet. Appropriately suited to this day of the dead, Play’n GO launches this slot. It may not have the most spectacular features but its combination of theme with a skillfully created design makes it very playable especially in these times. When we were first introduced to the film The Book of Life, many became aware of this event and its significance. Play’n GO proves here that a very high standard of the design is crucial for a good gaming experience and its captivating effects provide a memorable moment in front of the screen.

Muerto en Mictlán is a slot where we get to take part in drop-dead gorgeous design that is spiced with some exciting wild features.


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