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Legion Hot 1 Slot Overview

In this new online slot, we get to take part in an intense gaming experience that takes place in Rome. It is a slot that has been created through a collaboration between Hot Rise Games and Yggdrasil, where during the game you can unlock more rows that enable larger wins. It is a very peaceful place that we ended up at where the Roman legion is located, which was without a doubt the largest military unit within the army that the Romans had during their glory days. Where the legionary consisted of very brave warriors who clearly represented the toughest fighting force in the Roman Empire.

But even if this place is peaceful at first, it changes quickly when a war is about to start. The troops get ready to leave their quiet places, and then heads out to the great battle that will take place. A war where the lucky winners can be richly rewarded.

Legion Hot 1
Base game

Legion Hot 1 is a slot that has been created through a collaboration between Yggdrasil and Hot Rise Games. There are 5 reels and during the game the row structure can be changed from 3-3-3-3-3 to 3-5-5-5-3. As a result, 243 paylines can be up to 1125 paylines. You can choose between making a of 0.30 and a of 90. The game's RTP is higher than average and in the normal mode the RTP is 96.37% and in the Bonus Buy feature the RTP is 96.47%. There will be a lot of entertaining spins with a medium volatility and the lucky player can get a win of up to 2525X the bet.

Shields were a great help during the battles that took place during this era and in this slot, they once again become very useful as they can unlock more rows, give us multipliers and in the end much bigger wins. The features that you can take part in are Wild Symbols, Bonus Shields, Free Spins feature, Sticky Wilds, Hot 1 spin and Bonus Buy. Let's find out what symbols you can expect to see during the spins.

Legion Hot 1 Slot Information

This slot has a game design that takes place in a peaceful place in the base game. Where in the background you can see a large green meadow surrounded by high mountains. Once you succeed in activating the Free Spins feature, this harmonious scenario will be switched to a background showing Rome, where a battle will soon take place. You will be able to see a large variety of symbols during the spins.

The lower paying symbols consist of J, Q, K and A. The higher paying symbols consist of axes, Roman helmet, deer emblem, lion emblem, eagle and a gold coin. During your spins you can take part in a Wild Symbol which consists of a soldier with the text wild on it. To succeed in getting to the free spins feature, you need to land all of the 4 Bonus Shields on one reel. These shields are available in the colors green, blue, red and purple, where they come with really festive features. Let's find out what the different features do.

Legion Hot 1 Slot Features

In this battle for the big prizes, you can manage to get a maximum win of 2525X the bet and this will be possible with the help of the features Wild symbol, Bonus Shields, Free Spins feature, Sticky Wilds, Hot 1 spin and Bonus Buy.

Legion Hot 1
Free spins feature

Wild symbol

The game's Wild Symbol helps to create more winning combinations by substituting for all other symbols on the reels. The only symbols it doesn’t substitute for are the Bonus Shields and it can land on the reels 2, 3 and 4.

Bonus Shields

When you spin the reels, you will be able to take part in 4 different Bonus Shields with wonderful features. These can land on reels the 2, 3 and 4, where on each reel they first land in the color green (level 1), then blue (level 2), then red (level 3) and finally purple (level 4). These Bonus Shields are thus collected and once you have landed the purple Bonus Shield, the Free Spins feature is activated. But before it is activated, you want to pick up as many shields as possible as it provides a greater chance of winning big. The different shields do the following:

Green Bonus Shield (Level 1) = This opens up a fourth position at the bottom of the reel on which it lands. In addition, you will receive 4X the bet for each time you land this Green Bonus Shield on a new reel.

Blue Bonus Shield (Level 2) = This opens up a fifth position on top of the reel on which it lands.

Red Bonus Shield (Level 3) = This will give both the top and bottom positions on the reel a 2X multiplier.

Purple Bonus Shield (Level 4) = This will activate the Free Spins feature, where the reel that activates the free spins gets additional wilds through an enhanced reel set.

Free Spins

Once you have landed the fourth Bonus Shield on one of the reels, the Free Spins feature is activated. You will then be welcomed with 9 free spins and all the achievements that you have gotten by collecting shields in the Base game will come with you here. During your spins within this feature, you will not be able to collect shields, instead the shields that land will function as wilds, where they also have a 2X multiplier on them. In addition, the reel you activated the Free Spins feature with will be having additional 2X Bonus wilds.

Legion Hot 1
Hot 1 Spin feature

Hot 1 spin

But it doesn’t end there, because once you have made these 9 free spins, you will get to take part in the most spectacular spin in this slot, namely the Hot 1 spin. What happens is that one of the reels 2, 3 or 4 will be selected at random and then this reel will unlock all 5 rows. In addition, sticky wilds will be added to the top and bottom 2X multipliers.

Bonus Buy

If you want to get directly to the Free Spins feature, you can use the Bonus Buy feature. You then pay 50X the bet per spin and you are awarded a triggering collection of Bonus Shields. You can then take part in the purchased free spins and the Hot 1 Spin.

Legion Hot 1 Slot Conclusion

This is a slot that has been created through a joint effort between Yggdrasil and Hot Rise Games, where they take us back to the golden days of the Romans. It is a slot that has 5 reels whereby collecting Bonus Shields you can get a row setup that is 3-3-3-3-3 from the beginning to become 3-5-5-5-3. This change in the number of rows means that 243 paylines can be up to 1125 paylines. The game's potential maximum win which is 2525X the bet feels a little low and could clearly have been slightly higher to create an even greater excitement during the spins. Just as important as the shields were in the battles that the Romans had, the shields are very important here as well. You start collecting the shields in the Base game which comes in 4 different levels per reel. The first two levels help to unlock new positions, the third level helps to give a 2X multiplier on the top and bottom position on the reel on which it landed. If you finally land a fourth shield on the same reel, you will reach level 4 and the free spins feature will be activated.

The whole game revolves more or less around collecting as many shields as possible as these are included in the free spins feature. Where you then get to use 9 free spins and finally you get to take part in the spin, which is the best of the best, namely the Hot 1 Spin. It feels like a gigantic build-up before this final spin, which will be very powerful to do, but it all depends on that this one generating a lot as the previous spins generally do not generate much. It can take a very long time for shields to land within the Base game, which can make the spins very slow from time to time. But fortunately, they have added a Bonus Buy feature that allows you to play it instantly without having to wait for all the shields required to activate the Free Spins feature.

It is a slot that offers a hefty recharge before the final Hot 1 Spin takes place, which could generate a big win for the lucky player.


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