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Heroes Hunt 2 Megaways Slot Overview

Heroes Hunt 2 Megaways is a new casino slot from Fantasma Games where we once again get to meet the spectacular trio and join an action-packed gaming adventure. This trio consists of a wizard, a warrior and an archer who in this previous game adventure, Heroes Hunt Megaways, slayed a big red dragon that resulted in a time of peace and wealth. This time they visit a place where they mistakenly wake up a very evil type who certainly doesn’t give them a warm welcome. It is a much more dangerous place that they have ended up at, but by assembling their powers, it becomes possible to destroy this beast. With the volume turned up, it is now time for us to dive into this enchanting world and find out what you can see during the spins.

Heroes Hunt 2 Megaways
Base game

Heroes Hunt 2 Megaways is a video slot from Fantasma Games that has 6 reels and 6 rows, during the spins some blocker symbols will land and the number of ways to win will thus vary. It can be between 64 ways to win up to 46656 ways to win through the Megaways mechanic. You can choose between making a of 0.20 and a of 50. The game's RTP is slightly higher than the average, where we have an RTP of 96.49%. By using the bonus buy for Werewolf Free Spins or Vampire Free Spins, the RTP increases to 96.82% and 96.97% respectively. It isn’t only the archer who hit good during the spins, the slot itself has a decent hit frequency of 23.16%. It is a high volatility, where the lucky player can win up to 20000X the bet.

In this exciting gaming adventure among mighty heroes and foes, we also get help from a bunch of wonderful features in the hunt for the big wins. The features are Wild Symbol, The Heroes Hunt, Explosion, Expanding Wild, Respin, Werewolf Free Spins, Vampire Free Spins, Super Free Spins and Bonus Buy.

Heroes Hunt 2 Megaways Slot Information

The game's design consists of a hero theme, where we follow the warrior, wizard and archer in an adrenaline-filled game adventure. It is a very dark and eerie place that we have ended up in, where in the background of the reels you can see the large pillars lit up by candles. It's the home of the terrifying vampire who is accompanied by a hungry werewolf. Although the opposites are tough, this trio has previously managed to defeat a giant dragon, so there is hope. During the spins you will be moved to different places within this castle depending on which features that are activated, something that constantly accompanies us is the mood-enhancing music that is played at different tempos depending on the scenario that takes place. You can play this slot on all desktops, mobiles and notepads. You create a winning combination by landing 3 or more of the same symbol types on adjacent reels starting at the far left.

Heroes Hunt 2 Megaways
Expanding Wild feature

The lower paying symbols consist of gems in the colors gray, green, blue and purple. If you land 6 of the same symbol types, it gives between 1X to 1.25X the bet. The higher paying symbols consist of a gold coin, a crown, the squirrel archer, the vulture wizard, the lion warrior and the vampire. If you land 6 of the same symbol types, it gives between 2X to 10X the bet. The game's wild symbol consists of a golden W and you can also land blocker symbols. These blocker symbols cannot create any winnings and block the positions they have landed on. With each new spin made, up to 4 blocker symbols will be placed on each reel. You will also be able to land explosion, expanding wilds and respin symbols. To activate one of the two Free Spins feature available, you need to land the correct amount of the Key symbols or get it through the chest symbol. The chest symbols play a big role in this game and there are certainly a large number of different features that can land during the spins, let's find out what the features do.

Heroes Hunt 2 Megaways Slot Features

What is the max win in the slot Heroes Hunt 2 Megaways?

You can win up to 20000X the bet.

What features are in the slot Heroes Hunt 2 Megaways?

The features are Wild Symbol, The Heroes Hunt, Explosion, Expanding Wild, Respin, Werewolf Free Spins, Vampire Free Spins, Super Free Spins and Bonus Buy.

Heroes Hunt 2 Megaways
Explosion feature

Wild Symbol

This symbol helps to create more winning combinations by substituting for other paying symbols. It can be created when you spin the reels within the Werewolf Wild feature or Expanding Wild feature. If you succeed in activating the lucrative Super Free Spins, the wild symbols can land on the reels 2 to 5 as well.

The Heroes Hunt

There are three different heroes with associated features that you can take part of. At the start of the game, you can choose one of these heroes that you want to use, where the other two will start with 0 EXP. You will then be able to land chest symbols on reel 6 during the base game and when it lands you will randomly receive 1 of 4 rewards. Where you can get 1 Archer EXP, 1 Wizard EXP, 1 Warrior EXP or 10 Werewolf free spins.

It takes a total of 3 EXP to unlock a new hero and your progress will stay during the spins. Once this chest has been given one of these rewards, it turns into a blocker symbol.

Heroes Hunt 2 Megaways
Respin feature

Explosion (Wizard)

If you land 1 or more of the explosion symbols (orb), you get to experience the Explosion feature. This symbol can land within the Vampire free spins or on the reels 2-5 if you have unlocked the Wizard hero. What then happens is that 1 or 2 2X2 adjacent areas to the explosion symbol will disappear or there will be a 3X3 around this explosion symbol. The same type of symbol will then be displayed on the positions that were blown away, like a mystery symbol. When it explodes, blocker symbols and non-winning symbols can be removed.

Expanding Wild (Warrior)

If you land 1 or more of the expanding wild symbols (swords), you will benefit from the Expanding Wild feature. This symbol can land within the Vampire free spins or on the reels 2-5 if you have unlocked the Warrior hero. Each expanding wild that you have landed will expand and cover all of their respective reels and in addition, they will each place a wild on the reel.

You will then get a random multiplier of between 2X to 6X applied to the expanded reel and if you have several wilds with multipliers in the same winning combination, these are multiplied by each other.

Respin (Archer)

If you land 1 or more of the respin symbols (arrows), you will take advantage of the respin feature. This symbol can land within the Vampire free spins or on the reels 2-5 if you have unlocked the Archer hero. This respin symbol will then remove itself along with 4 to 9 non-winning and blocker symbols. This then results in new symbols falling down to cover the empty positions.

You will then start with a 1X multiplier, where each non-respin symbol that is removed increases this multiplier by 1. The total multiplier will then be applied to any winnings created within the base game or for the current free spin that took place.

Heroes Hunt 2 Megaways
Werewolf Free Spins feature

Werewolf Free Spins

By landing the chest symbol within the base game, you can successfully activate the Werewolf Free Spins. You are then welcomed with 10 free spins and within this feature, werewolf wilds can land on the reels 2 to 5. When this symbol lands, the Werewolf Wild feature is activated, where archer, wizard and warrior symbols turn into wilds. It is only the symbols that are on the position to the right, left, above or below that turn into wilds.

You cannot retrigger this feature during the free spins and the wilds help as usual to create more winning combinations by substituting for other paying symbols.

Heroes Hunt 2 Megaways
Vampire Free Spins feature

Vampire Free Spins

Once you have unlocked all the heroes within the base game, key symbols can land. When you land 3 key symbols, the Vampire Free Spins are activated, where you are then welcomed with 10 free spins. Within this bonus feature, all heroes will be unlocked.

Above the reels you see the vampire himself, where there is a life bar below him. During the spins you will be able to land vampire symbols and each time it is destroyed by respin, expanding wild or explosion, 1 life is removed from his life bar. You also get 1 extra spin each time this happens, and each winning vampire symbol also gives 1 extra spin and takes away 1 life.

When all lives are gone, the Super Free Spins feature is activated when all free spins have been used.

Super Free Spins

When you succeed in activating this feature by slaying the vampire, you will receive 2 spins. All positions will be unlocked resulting in 46656 ways to win and in addition the wins will be multiplied by 100X. During these spins, only paying symbols or wilds can land. When the feature is finished, you return to the base game, where the heroes are reset, and you get to choose one of the three to start with.

Bonus Buy

If you want to take advantage of the bonuses directly, you can use the Bonus Buy feature. If you pay 30X, you unlock the Werewolf free spins, where the RTP increases to 96.82%. If you instead pay 100X, you unlock the Vampire free spins, where the RTP increases to 96.97%. By using this bonus buy, your progress within the base game isn’t reset.

Heroes Hunt 2 Megaways Slot Conclusion

Wow, yes there are certainly many things to go through in this gaming adventure, but it is clearly not as complicated as they first may seem. Here we get to take part in an adventure once again with the hero’s archer, wizard and warrior who all have unique exciting features. The adventure starts already within the base game where you get to choose a hero who is active from the start, then the big grind begins. By landing chest symbols, you can increase the EXP on the various symbols that finally can unlock a new hero. This process can certainly take a long time before one has managed to activate all the heroes, but the patient soul can eventually be richly rewarded. This since you have a possibility to activate the Vampire free spins, where all heroes have been unlocked.

Within that feature, you get to take part in spins where all hero features are activated, which can give expanding wilds, multipliers and explosions. Where all of these qualities really can help create great profits together. It will once again be an exciting battle that you get to take part in, where within this slot we fight a vampire who is placed above the reels. By removing all of his 12 lives, we, along with the heroes, will be rewarded with 2 spins within the Super Free Spins feature. This is where the gigantic winnings can be scooped up and one quickly understands how it may be possible to obtain the potential maximum win of 20000X. All positions are unlocked, which results in 46656 ways to win and in addition a 100X multiplier is applied to the wins that are created.

As an extra touch to the spins, you can also manage to activate the Werewolf free spins, where werewolf wilds can land and enable extra winning combinations. It is a slot where you are constantly exposed to a high tempo, where the well-composed music in the background adds an extra layer to the spins. These are spins that are very reminiscent of the previous slot that Fantasma Games created, but where they this time let us meet a new villain. Something that gives a similar feeling of Thunderkick's Crystal Quest-series where you fight evil enemies in different places.

It is truly a charming trio with exciting qualities that we get to follow and a potential maximum win of 20000X makes everything much better. It is a grateful RTP that has been chosen, where it also increases when using the bons buys. Even if the reels usually are blocked by blocker symbols, it is possible to break these and thus activate many ways to win, where the 46656 creates very good conditions for bigger wins. It is not a slot for the impatient player, as it can take a huge amount of time before you manage to unlock all the heroes and activate the vampire bonus. It requires a huge grind that can sometimes feel a little hopeless, since the fun starts when all the features from the heroes are activated. This is a slot where nothing comes served on a silver platter, but where perseverance and patience ultimately can result in the vampire being slayed and then you can truly partake in a big bonanza.

Heroes Hunt 2 Megaways is a slot where patience is put to the test, but where it can result in meeting the 3 charming heroes with features that truly are enjoyable.


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