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Max win, RTP and Information for the slot 10,001 Nights

With 10,001 Nights, Red Tiger here comes with a slot that has a Arabian theme, which formed the basis of a lot of magical stories. This includes the famous stories Aladdin, Sinbad and many more. You play on a slot that has 5 reels, 4 rows and 20 paylines. You can choose between making a of 0.1 and a of 8. Here RTP can change but the one set by default is 95.73% and there is a high volatility on this adventurous slot. Like its name, you can bring home a maximum win over 10,001X the amount you bet.

Here we get to take part in the classic One thousand and One night saga, which contains 1001 stories. Where Scheherazade would spend a night with Sultan Shahriâr to be executed at dawn the next day. But through cleverly created stories, she managed to the king's curiosity and finally his heart as well. Whereby she does not have to be executed.

Red Tiger are truly known for creating captivating slots and here they show design skills that are magnificent. You are welcomed into an enchanting world.

10,001 Nights

A slot as captivating as its stories

Here we travel to a slot that contains a magical and exciting palace. Where in the background of the reels we can see a luxurious environment in the form of silk drapes, hookah pipe, warm light and a large balcony. The luxurious feeling does not end there, because on the game's reels you can see a lot of beautifully decorated symbols. The lower paying symbols consist of hearts, clubs, spades and diamonds. The higher payers consist of shoes, vase, camel, tiger and Sultan Shahriâr himself. Here you can take part in wilds 1×1 and super wilds that cover an entire reel. They are made up of Scheherazade. A symbol that plays a big role in this slot is the Oil lamp symbol and then there is also the Destiny spins symbol which helps one take part in the bonus game.

Here you can succeed in winning big through various features

Here we get to take part in the classic story, which this time has been extended by a couple of thousand nights and become 10,001. Just like in this slot we get to take part in a lot of beautiful details in its surroundings, so we also get to take part in a lot of wonderful features. Here we have feature lamps, where you can activate Imperial spin, Random wilds, Multi-pick, Mega wilds and Destiny spins through these magic lamps. There are certainly a large number of different features. So, let's find out what they do.

During your spins, there will be a variety of symbols, including Oil lamp symbols. These will gradually fill up the feature lamps as the game progresses. Feature lamps come in four different shapes and require different amounts of oil to be activated. When an Oil lamp fills up, it will then disappear from the reels and there are less of these symbols that one can partake of.

Stage 1 = You can achieve this by collecting 6 Oil lamps, where you unlock the Imperial spin feature. What happens here is that your chances of winning increase. By removing all the lower paying symbols and leaving only room for the higher paying symbols.

Stage 2 = You can achieve this by collecting another 7 Oil lamps. Which gives you a total of 13. You then unlock the Random wilds feature. The name of this feature is straightforward. A random number of wilds will end up on the reels at your next spin.

Stage 3 = This will happen when you have collected another 8 Oil lamps and have reached a total of 21. After you have succeeded in doing so, the Multi-pick feature awaits. Here, 3 cards with different multipliers will be presented. You will be given one of these cards to choose from and then a multiplier will be awarded. What has emerged from the tests are 3X, 5X and 9X which were the different multipliers that you can get. This multiplier will be applied to the next spin you make.

Stage 4 = Finally, you can get to this step by collecting another 9 Oil lamps, which results in a total of 30. You will then unlock the Mega wilds feature. Where one or more 1×4 wilds will appear on the reels.

What happens with these 4 different features is that once they are activated, they will apply to the next spin that is made. They can continue to appear randomly, and the great thing is that several features can appear at the same time. Something that should be added is that this applies to the current stake that you are playing with. If you change it, your features will not remain on the new stake chosen to be used. But it remains on the old one, which you can easily return to.

10,001 Nights

As a magical touch to this game, you can also take part in Destiny spins. by landing at least 3 Destiny symbols, the free spins bonus is activated. Depending on how many Destiny symbols you have received, you will be rewarded with different numbers of free spins as follows.

3 Destiny symbols = 8 free spins

4 Destiny symbols = 10 free spins

5 Destiny symbols = 12 free spins

There awaits a wonderful spinning experience and there is also the opportunity to obtain more free spins by Retrigger this feature. Here again, the different numbers of Destiny symbols give different numbers of free spins.

3 Destiny symbols = 6 free spins

4 Destiny symbols = 7 free spins

5 Destiny symbols = 8 free spins

Here it is important to collect a lot of lamp oil

This slot gives us an enchanting gaming experience, where we get to take part in a variety of features. We have Imperial spin, Multi-pick, Mega wilds, Random wilds and Destiny spins. Here it is important to have a lot of lamp oil because then you can take part in these. These features help to increase one's chances of winning by multiplying and increasing the chances of winning. Here, Red Tiger has little cleverly added an extra zero to the name of the slot and it actually shows its maximum win. Here you can manage to win a little over 10,001X the amount you bet. Let's see if you're as captivated by this slot as the sultan was by all the stories.


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